Good or Bad

Speaking of the Internet which is now known as Cyberspace, there are no reasons to deny how much its network contributed to our world. Cyberspace allows us to build anything in our lives in terms of relationship, sense of belonging, advertising and marketing strategies communications and self promotion. (Samatha, 2013)

With the creation of Internet, people experienced a quick and drastic change in the way of communication of lifestyles. An dramatic change is found of how people interact, talk learn and send messages. People back then used to take months to send a message from East to North, but now? What could possibly for now to take months of sending a message? It seems it will never going to happen. With a few clicks, we could send a message within just a few seconds. There’s even more than just a message, back then it was real hard and complicated to transmit a message using telegraph, but now the Internet replaces everything.

Thinking of how you used to shop, it could be a little bit more time consuming where you had to get transport, do some walking and even have to go to a bank to withdraw money to pay. Now, what we really do for shopping is just sit back and do some clicking on the Internet and you are done. And, it doesn’t either need to get to the shop to get your purchase while international shipping is what the marketers do the best.

What is more? Education system is no longer a paper teaching but the Internet. Carrying heavy notebooks to the class is now getting to be replaced by the powerful Google. Whatever it is to be needed in class, all we need is Google- it tells everything. For instance, lecturers always try to ask questions or words that we are no familiar with, but not bothering bringing dictionary, Google will do. There is just undeniable to admit that this is way too convenient to get work done.

According to Sven Birkerts 1995, Online networks, cellular telephone and Internet brings humans live as elements of connectedness. All these things make humans lost their individualities.He believes that humans are losing the sense of time where they spend time on the net. People now have become easily impatient when it comes to an argument. We are really grateful with what we have now, but maybe we should think again. Think about the coming generation, will humans become an element instead of who we really are? Will humans then still be called humans?


2 thoughts on “Good or Bad

  1. Hi April. It is truly fascinating how internet has transformed over the pass decades which has drastically improved human communication by connecting the world as one. In the past, I used to send wishing cards to my relatives and friends abroad. Todays, with social media and messaging apps, with one click away, I send my wishes to all my love ones in any part of the world in just a second. We automatically eliminated borders from our conscious mind. In fact, we don’t really think about border. Just like what you have discussed in your article, we almost get everything done with internet. It’s so convenient and easily accessed that sometimes we take it for granted. Despite internet has improved human communication, it has decreased our real face to face interaction and real connection with people around us. Instead of wondering how to solve something and puzzling through the solution on our own, we would rather search for a solution through Google.


  2. Great piece there April! I can’t agree more with all the conveniences that the technology brings us. It undoubtedly makes us lazy at certain point but it gets so much work done in such a short period of time. From getting some paperwork done to grocery shopping, everything is just within clicks away. I can’t possibly imagine what could the technology bring us ten years down the road.


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