A hair oil

Watching the videos online or Youtube is one of the commonest things that we almost do everyday. Checking out the funny videos, seeing the updates videos of your admirers and even creating one of your own video and upload it to share with friends online. One of my must do things list includes watching videos on Youtube.

There are no particular channels for me to watch until I saw one girl whose hair is amazingly smooth and long which makes me so want to get the hair oil right after that. I still remember this happened around like half a year ago that I was so desired to get a certain hair oil which is the moroccan hair oil. Then the other day I went to the shopping mall nearby and asked all the hair shops about this product, but sadly there wasn’t sold any of this similar product. So, I went to the popular shopping mall in Malaysia and kept on looking for it but the answer I got was always a No. Obviously, I was so down that I could not get this product and the more I couldn’t get it, the more I feel like buying it. I had been looking for this hair product for more than half year and still I could not find it until one day I went to a pharmacy to ask. I expected that it would be still a No answer for me and it really happened the way I’d expected but one girl came and told me that she knew this product and showed me where I could actually purchase it online.  I was so happy and got to order online for this product and because of that I only knew this product is not possible to find in Malaysia.

According to Chris Anderson, the theory of the long tail is the culture and economy is shifting away from a focus on a ‘hit’ market to a small, mainstream products and market (Andreson, 2004). One of the examples of his theory claimed that the demand for products is not available on the traditional shelves or stores and this is what long tail is for- a distribution system of having a large number of occurrence that involves popularities and probabilities. Due to the Internet, I succeed to own the hair oil I wanted. This is one strong evidence for us to know, with the Internet, we can get what we want.



4 thoughts on “A hair oil

  1. Hey, I’ve had the same experience as you! There was once I couldn’t get to purchase a product that I’ve longing for after I saw it from a magazine because it is only sold in Korea. But thanks to the internet, I’ve managed to order it online through the official website. Despite the potential risks that internet users might encounter while doing online shopping, there is no doubt that internet has made all of our lives easier with its built-in abundance.


  2. Hello. Nice post. I recently read an article stating that there’s a rising trend of online shopping among Malaysian. With the emerging e- commerce capabilities, we are becoming more comfortable making purchases online. It is really amazing how the internet has opened up the world of e- commerce where we get to purchase items that are not available in our country yet at the same time provide a platform for us to conduct online businesses. My friend once sold his old laptop parts through some online platform, turning the junk into money, which is kind of amazing in my opinion. We can preserve the environment by reusing and recycling the old parts and at the same time earn money from it. What we do not want might be useful for the others. The possibilities of the internet are endless.


  3. Hi April, congratulations on finally finding your hair oil you were after! The internet is what makes the long tail effect such a successful model, as the spread of the audience is much wider than any physical store could possibly be. I have resorted to online shopping in a number of instances, particularly for niche items that I know would be very uncommon to sell in traditional stores. In fact these days I make these purchases as I know how simple this rather remarkable system is, and I can always find what I’m after online.


  4. No doubt everyone is going through this piece of time everyday, we are all jeopardise by the internet and yet we are so attached to it. However, it helps to benefits us alot too, I wonder how we survive without the internet one day!


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