Two As : Apple and Android

A closed system is a operating system that can’t be changed and it’s entirely controlled such as Apple. On the other words, a closed system as Apple’s cannot be changed and owned personally in control of applications and devices. It contains a complete control over the flowing content within the platform and how the users interact with whereas an open system does the opposite (Mitew,2014). Google’s Android is an example of open systems where it offers much greater freedom, less control over what is done from the centre and you can download any software from anywhere you like (Worstall, 2012).

There’s a debate over Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS about how Android and Apple’s system work and how closed Apple and Android are from two senior writers Jon Fortt and Micheal Copeland.

IOS and Android are both the greatest mobile platforms. It is said by Steve Jobs that the open systems do not always win and claimed that the real difference between Google’s android and Apple’s IOS is fragmented versus integrated; the users are left to figure out but compare to Apple’s, where every app is the same no matter what version of phone you are using (Schonfeld, 2010). However, there are arguments about how Android and IOS are liked using and the reasons of using a closed system and an open system. It is believed that the Android provides an option or authority of customization.

According to Adam Dachis 2013, a reply from Dancheor Boi explains that why this matters to him, Android allows him to try new, change things the way he likes and most importantly he claimed that Android is able to allow him to make his phone look like nothing he has seen before whereas Apple can’t do this. But, another reply from jeffreyjames explains that it’s good that Android allows changing authority, it is still a mess to customize. It is still limited to only their apps and some bundle apps can’t possibly be deleted which are found annoying. In addition, Rory Brett feels that IOS runs faster and more fluid to more users ;it’s always a lag whenever using an Android phone and it gives an inconsistent experience. No matter which phone he used, it always will be the same problem for him although Android provides a great experience of customization. But, for IOS, it is the opposite. It is frustrating with lack of customization but it’s more reliable when you have the fastest and most consistent phone time and time again.

Moreover, an open model system such as Android allows a larger developer support as anyone can develop for platform and gives a feeling of ownership of alternation whereas IOS makes less confusion for customers where people learn only one version and it is also more profitable when developers have to pay for the use of API (Vidal,2013).
Although there are chances for apps developers, it’s the same until it’s different. It’s always said that open system like Android provides a chance to develop more and new applications but in fact they develop apps that are similar with Apple’s in functionality in order to make profit because more users equals to more profit(Kenneth, 2010).


5 thoughts on “Two As : Apple and Android

  1. Hi April! After reading your post, I can identify the one key difference between Apple and Android. Apple (closed source code) reserves the ability to modify/ program for their own inside developers while Android (open source code) allows any web developers to create and modify the Android-powered phones.

    While Android may have nabbed a total 48% market share in 2012 (, Apple remains the no.1 smartphone manufacturer in the world.

    Why do you think people still opt for Apple products despite the limitations it present? In your personal opinion, what do you think are the aspects that Android may be lacking that has made Android appear less favourable compared to Apple iOS?


  2. The video you sourced for this topic outlines the debate between iOS and Android perfectly. The debate between open and closed source is one that is quite evenly split. On one side, you have the closed iOS that controls your user experience, but at the same time integrates these different platforms together to provide an all around enjoyable experience. On the other side, users can experience the free open-source world and will more often than not discover the freedoms offered by Android and find it really difficult to go back to the closed-source world that Apple’s philosophy is based on.
    While it is impossible to say which of these two platforms are better, short of making a personal decision on the matter, there are users who remain loyal to their respective brands and at the end of the day the decisions (as well as the devices themselves) are in the hands of the users.


  3. Hi April! The debates between Apple’s fragmented and Android’s integrated platform has been forever. In my opinion, different people have different thought and needs when it comes to technologies and electronic gadgets. Some people simply want their phone to work very well, clean, quick and all consistent while some people just love Android if you enjoy messing around with your phone. However, I do think that Apple’s closed ecosystem poses limitations toward IOS’s innovation. Android’s open system on the other hand, allows users to build and enhance the ecosystem together, hence anyone can be a potential and significant source in co- developing the content. With so many ideas and inputs flowing in from different perspectives and standpoints, it provides Google with insights along the way hence, making Android pace of innovation faster as compared to Apple.


  4. Actually there are alot of contradictory of pros and cons lies between a walled garden versus an open platform system, for instance Apple’s iOs versus Adroid. However, both brands have a large competitions of to win the customer’s preferences with the creativity!


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