Is it really worth putting my last meeple there? – Carcassonne Board Game Review #DIGC310


Ever wanted to build your own castle or city?

If you’re a board game fan looking for a game which can fulfil your desire of building a city where is under your control, you will definitely want to try this out. Carcassonne was published in 2000 which is suitable for 3 years old and above. This is a tile placement game of a piece of southern French landscape which requires strategic- brained to place the tiles that benefit the most in order to get points. the tiles are featured with cities, roads, cloisters and fields.

There are three components which are the tiles and followers and score track. Tiles are square- shaped and differentiated by grey and black colour. Followers are represented by meeples which are ‘my people in order to place them in the place we want to earn points while the score track is to keep track of the points you are earning throughout the game. Importantly, the points are counted by how you are placing your people at where you can be knight, thief, monk and farmer. Knight is a follower where be placed at the city portion of tile whereas thief are placed on the road portion. Scoring is immediate for these both as well as the monk where the meeple is to place on the cloister tile. Lastly, meeple which to be placed on the field portion is farmer but the scoring is not immediate and only occurs in the end of the game. Thus, followers should be returned when the a city, road  and cloister are completed. You are not allowed to place one follower per turn once you have placed on any tile, so place your people wisely.

I personally think this is a time consuming game which not only to kill boredom but also to build up your strategic skill in a way where you have to think and place wisely to win. It was a little bit confusing if you are a first hand player but it goes just fine once you get the basic idea of how. I was quite lucky that most of the times when I picked up the tiles which were easier for me to place them and connect with one from another. What really impresses me is that when you get a tie, all players get the points of just one decision how you place your tile every turn. The challenge part of Carcassonne is that you have to well place your tile in order not to allow anyone to steal your portion of tile to earn points from you.

If you want to know more about how each tile can earn points and how you can place your tile wisely, do not hesitate to check it out with TheGameBoyGreek.


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