Open World Environment

Perhaps we all know that technology has changed us and the world dramatically in cultures, languages and lifestyle. One of the major influences is game as the most effective vehicle for development, reproduction and public dissemination which are now the representations of archaeological practice in popular culture. Game archaeological practice represents as daily consumed popular media which has to rapidly expanded in developing media such as digital gaming and 3D online environment (Kennedy et. al, 2011).

As technology improves, opportunities for public education increases (Smeltzer, 2011).  However, The Dark Soul is one of the wonder game archaeology which allows a second life experience that does not tell a story rather than is to dig out the story from ruins and learn from it (Kain, 2012).


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The Dark Soul allows an experience of “second life” which provides interactive experiences according to the archaeologists who have used 15 years to discover the World Wide Web as a vehicle for presentation for virtual reality environment ; it inspires the curiosity and exploration of story in games (Smeltzer, 2011). As Kain claims, the most incredible thing about Dark Soul is its lore. Playing Dark Soul is not about the game’s hero but the Dark Lord in making- the Chosen Undead or the game’s villain.

Dark Soul is an archaeology dig when you have to discover the story, the mythology and history of this game. For instance, digging up the buried ruins of Lordran, Oolacile and the figures who gives a meaning of life and places as well as digging up the world in Dark Soul through opening cinematic and brief snatches of dialogue and spell descriptions in items (Kain, 2012). This definitely requires more collaborations than other games when its revelations are constant which helps in revealing clues, temper, enforce and theories. Undeniably, this game is an absolute worth-examining game when Dark Soul II appears.


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