Should Valve’s mods be paid?

Valve’s boss Gabe Newell claims that a better modding has to be paid in order to achieve better performance for authors and gamers which been complaint by a number of players.

The controversy of Skyrim has been a chaos that every player has something to say about paid mods where Newell strongly explained that its goal is to increase the investment in community in order to extend its games (Maiberg, 2015). Nevertheless, it is said that Valve is greedy to make them paid for the work which was previously free and those unhappy emails about this subject where it hits to the infrastructure $1 million from the emails (Gilroy,2015). Newell responded to the statement that Valve is being greedy for sell work.

“Let’s assume for a second that we are stupidly greedy. So far the paid mods have generated $10K total. That’s like 1% of the cost of the incremental email the program has generated for Valve employees (yes, I mean pissing off the Internet costs you a million bucks in just a couple of days). That’s not stupidly greedy, that’s stupidly stupid.” (Fahey, 2015)

Here comes to a point that Valve’s terrible support and the others issues will be fixed but obviously it cannot be done immediately which many customers are complaining about the pricing for the actual quality of mods. One comment has been found on Reddit saying that paying for a better mods experience is not a bad idea but the trustworthy of mods quality is way too important.

“This is the most relevant question. Paying for mods on its own is not a bad idea, as long as its done in a reasonable fashion. I would gladly pay for mods that actively add value to my gaming experience.


In a world where Steam can not be trusted to keep quality control over full-blown games and early access titles, can we trust that this system won’t be abused?

The answer is plain to see already, only a few days into this matter: People stealing mods from each other, and posting horse genitalia at unbelievable prices. And let’s not even talk about the actual quality of the mods – hell if anyone checked compatibilities / incompatibilities with the current game version / other popular mods. Or if the mods work in the first place, which is an entirely different matter – who’s to say whether or not I deliver on what I claim my mod does? Or how smoothly it accomplishes it? Again, if we can’t trust Steam to do Quality Control on full-fledged games, we can’t even begin to fathom to trust Steam to do Quality Control on mods.” (MagmaGuy, 2015)

Newell explained in Reddit that it would be dumped paid if this does not work. But, he claims that with Steam’s workshop it has reached the point where the community started paying for their favorite contributors more than they would make as a really good step. In other words, paid mod service seemed like a good extension for MOD developers (David, 2015).

However, whether should Valve’s Skyrim be paid or not is not really the big concern, but whether it is worth paying for is what matters most. No one ever wants to pay for something that they do not want. It is not about the price that matters, it is bout the want that matters.


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