Machinima : A New Way of Teaching Tool

Machinima is an act of animated film making in a real time within a virtual environment. It is also described as a new medium of filmmaking that began with self-directed experience as an expressive communication-mediated art form (Moore and Barwell, 2013). In other words, Machinima is a combined word from machine and cinema which enables to create characters and film scenes within computer games in order to create distinct narrations.

The experience of students learning in higher education within the capacity of Web 2.0 and digital platforms are enhanced by their daily activities involvements where digital media production involves creativity, economic, popular cultures and distinctive self (Moore and Barwell, 2013). Maintaining network connection, informing information, uploading or tagging images, updating statues are the activities which succeeds the development of skills, attitudes, understandings which in division of participatory media cultures development.
According to Raessens 2005, the concepts of participatory media cultures is characterized from interactivity and participation of computer games. Participation in films and television shows is what it is called interpretation which refers to the critical ,social and cultural practices. Moreover, reconfiguration is one of the elements in video game system as a part of the concept of participation yet construction allows unlimited to cultural forms in realm of computer games (Raeseens, 2005).

As a participatory media practice, it is believed that it must be combined with traditional literacies in order to allow machinima to find new approaches to doing things with the availability of technology (Moore and Barwell, 2013). In other words, the use of machinima has extended as a teaching tool to empowering media users as a key for creation and production.

“In communications and media studies, for example, machinima excels as “a creative, expressive form … with its own requisite skills and associated social and cultural practices” “(Carr 2007, np).

The context of machinima production is utilized directly from a range of subject areas such as management, PR and nursing which to complete in making machinima, however, it suggests that the potential machinima includes differentiation of a mixture from linguistic, audio, symbolic, visual and information sources that requires to draw “meta-knowledge of traditional and new blended genres of representational conventions, cultural and symbolic codes, and linguistically coded and software-driven meanings.” (Luke, 2003). Its purpose of machinima as a teaching helps to carefully manage and critically reflect themselves in roles, learning and learning or contributing to the relevant subject or task. A valuable video explanation is found on YouTube which to explain help and exploration of machinima to students.

Machinima is valuably enhanced by mods which filmmakers are able to make film with video games as a teaching tool on digital platforms. One of the great examples of machinima is The Sim 4 which has different range of characteristics, people, places and extended version such as Get To Work Expansion and Go To School.


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