More About April

Let’s do it in question way!

What is your name?
Name April, Full name is Moo Khai Mun. *people always make fun of my name, it’s either play with MOO or April* Yes, that’s right! April is my name and I’m proud of it! *peace out*

Where are you from?
I’m from Malaysia. Currently staying in Wollongong to continue studying for the last year of my degree.

What are you studying?
BCMS (Bachelor of Mass Communication), major in Marketing communication and Advertising, minor in Digital Media and Communication.

What are you interested in which relevant to your course or subject?
Interested in figuring life- behaviours of Gen Y, towards games, social media and so forth.

Any ideas of what you may do for your final assessment of DIGC202?
I always wanted to do video. It is fun making videos. I used to have quite few times taking video with friends in my hometown with friends. I can’t deny it. I love it very much. So, making video of student life is what I’d like to do. But, I’m looking for people who love making videos. Making video alone isn’t as fun as with a bunch of friends.

Is April your birth month?
ohhh again I have to answer this question. Well, April is just my name and there’s nothing to do with my birth month. I was born in February. Say Hi to February babies! 😛 *I’m called April since I was a child, I really have no idea how I get this name*

When is your birthday?
The second day of February! 020202020202020202 – There goes my lucky number! Twoooo 😀

How YOUNG are you?
Well, to be honest, I’m not so YOUNG but still I think I am young haha. Age 23 in 2014.

What are your hobbies?
I’m so excited to tell you that I’m a badminton player 😀 I play at least once in a week time. Join me if you are too! And, I read. Reading is my thing to do when I don’t have anything to do so I think it’s my hobby as well? I’m interested in reading those self-improvement or self-help books. *I have quite some these books in my shelves and they’re new haha*

Are you a fan of something or someone?
Hmm. Fan of something? I think I was. A fan of Twilight! *high five you are too* I have got all four books and I watched the movies too. Aww romance. Anyway, I’m not a fan of the people, Edward, Bella or Jacob *though Jacob has good body* I’m recently very into someone, she is a youtube star who lives in L.A. I love her I would say. I watch her video almost like everyday because I think that she is the only ‘smiley’ Youtuber. Her smile melts me indeed. The way she talks and the way she acts is just amazing. What insipires me that is her confidence. Check her out at
By the way, I like Mickey.*you can see many things that I owned is Mickey, such as my phone case!* Well, probably most of the disney cartoons I would say.

Do you play any Music Instrument?
Yessss, I do. Surprisingly, I’m a beginner cellist *big violin to describe it if you don’t know* People often ask why I chose cello instead of violin when it seems to suit me better in size. I’m actually inspired by The Piano Guys, A Thousand Years. And, honestly, I always would choose somehing that people usually would not. *weirdo i know right* And, yes I do have my cello. The biggest thing I have owned and I call it my baby. hahahaha

Do you cook? What are your favorite food and drink?
Yes! I love cooking. I enjoy the moment when you cook your delicious and healthy meals but only chinese dishes. Serving dinner for the family is what I often do whe I’m on semester break. Asam Laksa of course because I’m Malaysian 😛 and fruit juice! I crazily love fruit juices- it is the the big drink in the world; healthy and refreshing! Because of that, I purposely bought the juices home! Yay! hehe *Slurp*

What do you do when you are free? hang out? Movie? housechores?
Oh NO PLEASE. I hate doing laundry and don’t know why. I like going out alone or with brunch of friends but I love and enjoying chit-vhatting with the buddies. My time, yea it’s my time. Movie is what I love going for. Going to the threate cheers me up when I’m down especially the animation movie! Frozen? Mr.Peabody and Sherman? aww there are my favorite, the best thing to do.

What kind of person you are? Description of April?
HAHAHA. I love to laugh and I love making people laugh as well. The best feeling ever and I repeat doing it everyday! it’s just gotta be everyday everyday. People ask if I’m on silent mode, so hahah I’m just meant to laugh. I’m a cheerful girl I would say. Oops but not that girly girly type I am. I just can’t be. I love making friends lots of friends around me makes me feel good. *Thumbs up* Anyhow, my buddies call me a crazy woman. I just get really crazy sometimes where I can laugh for nothing. I get crazy when I’m in a very good mood sometimes. *I admit I’m just playful* 😛

Of course, I still have my serious and caring side. *so shy to say this* oops I hope they(buddies) not reading this or I would have been kiled cause they just can’t find SHY in me. I become very serious when I’m extremely focus on my work or task that it’s better for people to leave me alone because you don’t hope a bomb to explore hahaha. I love enjoying heart to heart with the friends (whenever you are stressed out, go to your buddies, they will save you). No friends, no life! hahaha
I’m outgoing and easygoing, not a calculative *it’s just so tiring to calculate anything* I do not have any comments on what people being or how people react until someone crosses my line who shows me no respect which I can’t stand. I’m a NEW people; going to the new things, people, places and experiences. One thing, I do not hate people. Never ever. What’s more to tell? Leave a message to me and I’ll tell 😀 *comments are welcomed*

What are the things people might or do not know?
I’m addicted to ENGLISH. Everything that comes to language priority is has to be English such as songs, books and movies. And the English accent! That’s my love. Whoever I found speaks good English, I actually so ‘attached’ to their speaking which is what I have always wanted to learn. In fact, I couldn’t speak or communicate with people in English four years ago and surprsingly more than or approximately ten thousand ringgit to be spent on doing English courses in ELS Language Centre and Bristih Council. Yea, I’ve got my IELTS test which is my saver for me to doing this course. This period of time changes me in another person where I now have to confidence to speak up *though my speaking is still bad 😦 but I will not give up* This learning time what I really did on the daily is study and study, it was all time English (I anti all chinese that time so that I can learn better).

Another best memory of my life was in National Service. Yea, I joined the National Service. A good lesson for my life which now I do not ever afraid of doing anything. I started play roller coaster after I was out from N.S. because of Flying Fox. Good friends, good memories- what could I ask for more.

If you are reading this, we are buddies! 😀

Where to find me:
@aprilmookhaimun on twitter,
aprilmkm on Instagram and Skype,
April Moo on Facebook, on email.


April Moo
UOW Bachelor of Communication and media studies